Paying Rent? Here Are Suburbs Where A Mortgage Is Cheaper!

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If you’re currently renting a one-bedroom apartment in Carlton, then it’s actually cheaper for you to buy the property than continue renting.

New REIV data shows that tenants can repay the mortgage on a $215,000 one-bedroom property for just $226 a week – $149 less than the suburb’s median weekly rent of $375. 

With a median apartment price of $328,000, one-bedroom apartments in Melbourne are also more affordable to buy than rent with weekly mortgage repayments of $345 – $50 less than the weekly median rent of $395.

Other suburbs offering value for money include one-bedroom apartments in Noble Park where mortgage repayments on a $185,000 property are $195 a week while the median rent for the same property type is $215 – a $20 weekly difference.

These figures are based on median house prices by bedroom, a 10 per cent deposit and a three-year, fixed interest rate of 4.5 per cent.

REIV CEO Geoff White said first home buyers are taking advantage of the low interest rate environment to enter the market at a price they can afford. 

“One and two-bedroom apartments allow first home buyers to get a foothold on the property ladder for about the same amount they are currently paying in rent,” he said. 

“Savvy buyers should also consider four-bedroom properties in Melton South, where the median house price is $290,000 and mortgage repayments are $15 cheaper per week than the median rent.”




Suburb Dwelling Type Weekly Mortgage (Fixed) Weekly Median Rent (Jun 2016) Median Price (Jun 2016)
CARLTON 1-bedroom unit $226 $375 $215,000
MELBOURNE 1-bedroom unit $345 $395 $328,000
NOBLE PARK 1-bedroom unit $195 $215 $185,000
MELTON SOUTH 4-bedroom house $305 $320 $290,000
DANDENONG 1-bedroom unit $211 $220 $200,500
DOCKLANDS 1-bedroom unit $442 $450 $420,000
MELTON 3-bedroom house $268 $275 $255,000
MITCHAM 1-bedroom unit $305 $310 $290,000