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2016 – A Battle Fought On Game Of Thrones

11 December 2016
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Whilst I am not a regular watcher of the show one fund manager has described the 2016 year as an epic battle that could have been fought on Game of Thrones.  What has been demonstrated time and time again is that having the largest army doesn’t mean you’ll win the war. The rulers of various kingdoms have…

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There Is A Bear In There – And A Bull As Well!

14 February 2016
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I,  like many investors were very happy to see the back of last week.  Last weeks declines of  4.2% to the Australian share market took our markets year-to-date losses to 10%.  And yes we are officially 20% from our recent highs which means we are in a bear market.  However share market declines of 20%…

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Have The Miners Bounced From Rock Bottom, Telstra Questioned Over Charges, US Rates Lower For Longer

11 October 2015
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What a week for the miners last week, BHP and Rio up over 10% and Fortescue up over 20%. And whilst we know they have been certainly on the nose as a sector – so is there share price growth sustainable? and with the growth coming in the gold and copper sector – the miners…

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Our Australian Dollar Continues To Be A Hot Topic, US Share Markets Experiencing GFC Volatility Levels

13 September 2015
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Our Australian dollar is a hot topic of conversation. It has fallen against the US nearly 30% in the last 2 and a bit years and could be even more vulnerable if the US lift interest rates in coming days. Late last week the AUD jumped higher through trade on Friday benefiting from a return…

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The whole world is cheap!

26 September 2011
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The ASX 20 makes up over 60% of the market. Given recent volatility, I thought the chart below may be of interest. The chart below shows the percentage change in share prices over the last 3 months (grey) and the upside to target prices from Stockbroker RBS Morgan (gold). Whilst the argument can be that…

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