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How the floods up north and the war in Ukraine impact us all

2 March 2022
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The floods in NSW and QLD are beyond devastating, with flood waters in some cases up to 15 metres. Unthinkable really, and our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbours in the north. However, we’re a nation that’s used to natural disasters, from floods, to storms, to bushfires. And the conversation that often arises when these…

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Why are my insurance premiums always going up?

10 November 2021
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It’s almost become an annual event: waiting to learn how much your insurance premiums have increased by. Many of us have untold numbers of insurance policies, including car, home, contents, life, TPD, pet, business, the list goes on and on. And every one of these seems to have a steady year-on-year premium increase that’s contributing…

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Happy new financial year!

1 July 2019
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At the stroke of midnight just a few hours ago, we put last year behind us and took our first strides into the future. Overall, I think FY2019 was a good year, with significant positive momentum since Christmas, and in particular following the federal election result in May. This is borne out by the numbers,…

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Pet insurance: is it really worth it?

24 March 2019
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There’s no doubting it, pets are part of the family. A decade ago, if you’d told me that pet owners would be taking out insurance to protect themselves from vet bills, I’d have thought you were mad. But the fact is that today some pet owners are forking out more for their pet’s health insurance…

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