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Brace yourself for a shock when the Reserve Bank meets next Tuesday

2 June 2022
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Brace yourself for a shock when the Reserve Bank meets next Tuesday. Here’s why:   The GDP number announced yesterday was 0.8%, far higher than economists predicted for the March quarter.   That, coupled with the soaring cost of living thanks to Vlad The Impaler’s war in Ukraine driving energy and food prices up, and…

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The war might be in Ukraine, but we’re all going to feel it

10 March 2022
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Have you felt the pain at the petrol bowser yet? Blame Vladimir Putin. The Russian President’s invasion of Ukraine is already having global impacts.   While Ukrainians suffer through the very real fear and danger of missiles raining down on them, the rest of the world has also started wearing the consequences, as the sanctions…

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How the floods up north and the war in Ukraine impact us all

2 March 2022
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The floods in NSW and QLD are beyond devastating, with flood waters in some cases up to 15 metres. Unthinkable really, and our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbours in the north. However, we’re a nation that’s used to natural disasters, from floods, to storms, to bushfires. And the conversation that often arises when these…

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2016 – A Battle Fought On Game Of Thrones

11 December 2016
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Whilst I am not a regular watcher of the show one fund manager has described the 2016 year as an epic battle that could have been fought on Game of Thrones.  What has been demonstrated time and time again is that having the largest army doesn’t mean you’ll win the war. The rulers of various kingdoms have…

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Implications Of The Britain Vote To Leave The EU, What It Means For Markets, The Pound Falls Up To 10% Against Major Currencies.

24 June 2016
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Note at the time of writing the result of the UK Referendum has not yet been formally called. The facts,as discussed on 3AW yesterday with Tom Elliott the effect of the Brexit vote: The pound is down between 8% and 10% on all major currencies. Our share market in Australia is down more than 3% but still…

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Webconference Invitation Economic Update

29 May 2016
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We are now eight years on from the GFC and the uncertainties around the global economic outlook remain. Periodic fears of recession and deflation have roiled markets, and a lack of growth has led to profits flat lining for several years. Central banks have slashed cash rates, with negative rates in some countries. In Australia…

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There Is A Bear In There – And A Bull As Well!

14 February 2016
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I,  like many investors were very happy to see the back of last week.  Last weeks declines of  4.2% to the Australian share market took our markets year-to-date losses to 10%.  And yes we are officially 20% from our recent highs which means we are in a bear market.  However share market declines of 20%…

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I Have A Business Name – But Is It Protected By A Trademark? Qantas Lift International Flights

18 October 2015
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Have we been flying at rates that are too cheap?  With oil prices and increased competition falling I thought that justified cheaper flights, well not according to Qantas who will today lift its fares on most of its international routes by up to $40 in economy class and up to $200 in business class, depending…

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