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The Banking Royal Commission in 60 seconds

5 February 2019
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The banking Royal Commission has revealed some shocking details about the behaviour of Australian banks, however the report has protected small businesses. Yesterday the banks rallied in terms of share price and with no major fines or bans Australian shares rallied today, led by the big four banks, with investors seemingly relieved that the financial…

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2017 Federal Budget 2 Minute Summary

10 May 2017
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The Budget delivered by Treasurer Scott Morrison has clearly tried to hit the ‘reset button’ from the unpopular and disastrous Budgets of 2014-15 and 2015-16. Gone are the stalled Budget measures from those past Budgets, replaced by concern over the weak wages growth and struggle that everyday families experience.  The big concern for me is…

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2016 – A Battle Fought On Game Of Thrones

11 December 2016
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Whilst I am not a regular watcher of the show one fund manager has described the 2016 year as an epic battle that could have been fought on Game of Thrones.  What has been demonstrated time and time again is that having the largest army doesn’t mean you’ll win the war. The rulers of various kingdoms have…

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Mortgage Stress On The Rise Despite Low Interest Rates

20 October 2016
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Record low rates don’t seem to have helped mortgage holders from feeling the pinch, as the number of Australians behind on their mortgage payments has hit its highest level in three years. A new report from credit ratings agency Moody’s shows the proportion of borrowers more than 30 days behind on their mortgage payments hit…

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Implications Of The Britain Vote To Leave The EU, What It Means For Markets, The Pound Falls Up To 10% Against Major Currencies.

24 June 2016
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Note at the time of writing the result of the UK Referendum has not yet been formally called. The facts,as discussed on 3AW yesterday with Tom Elliott the effect of the Brexit vote: The pound is down between 8% and 10% on all major currencies. Our share market in Australia is down more than 3% but still…

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Webconference Invitation Economic Update

29 May 2016
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We are now eight years on from the GFC and the uncertainties around the global economic outlook remain. Periodic fears of recession and deflation have roiled markets, and a lack of growth has led to profits flat lining for several years. Central banks have slashed cash rates, with negative rates in some countries. In Australia…

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There Is A Bear In There – And A Bull As Well!

14 February 2016
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I,  like many investors were very happy to see the back of last week.  Last weeks declines of  4.2% to the Australian share market took our markets year-to-date losses to 10%.  And yes we are officially 20% from our recent highs which means we are in a bear market.  However share market declines of 20%…

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A Tough January For Global Markets – All Positive From Here

30 January 2016
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The market has had its worst start to a year since 2008. Local shares have slumped 5% per cent in January, with weakness from China (which has lost a quarter of its value this month) acting as a catalyst for local losses. Australia sells a third of its goods and services to China each year.…

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