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The government’s coronavirus stimulus package explained

18 March 2020
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Last week the government announced a significant stimulus package aimed at keeping small businesses afloat through the coronavirus crisis. But according to many people that I’ve spoken to, the details and the potential impact have been lost among the coronavirus noise. So here’s a breakdown. Basically the stimulus package amounts to a tax break for…

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The business impact of the coronavirus

26 February 2020
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Only a week ago most global share markets, including ours, hit record highs. At the time of writing the losses as a result of the coronavirus outbreak amount only to our 2020 gains so far. What’s unclear, of course, is how widely the coronavirus will spread and how much damage it will do, leading to uncertainty in…

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Coronavirus is starting to bite businesses

18 February 2020
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It seems the coronavirus outbreak is starting to bite Australian small businesses. I recently spoke to a landlord on the Gold Coast who says he’s had two Chinese restaurant tenants break their leases in the last fortnight. I also spoke with an international education provider here in Melbourne who told me their business has seen…

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