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Today’s inflation news is much more important than last night’s federal budget

26 October 2022
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So last night was federal budget night, Jim Chalmers’ first as Treasurer and the first for the Albanese government. Here are my key take-aways: Australians don’t care how much debt the Government is in. Real wages will not start to grow until 2024, when unemployment is tipped to have increased by 1% to 4.5%. Electricity prices…

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The interest rate pain has only just begun

6 July 2022
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Many of us believe we’re long-term investors. When we say long-term, we’re suggesting 5+ years at least.   And I use the word believe deliberately, as for those not nearing retirement, investments in superannuation count as a long-term.   However, with daily online access to your account and regular finance updates, some investors may feel that going even a…

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Albo vs Scomo: the real world impacts of pulling a political rabbit out of a hat

18 May 2022
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You now have just a few days to vote, and as expected both major parties have pulled a few rabbits out of their hats. But it’s quite staggering that even after all the restrictions and lockdowns, the pollies still haven’t worked out that we don’t like being told what to do.   In the COVID…

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The war might be in Ukraine, but we’re all going to feel it

10 March 2022
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Have you felt the pain at the petrol bowser yet? Blame Vladimir Putin. The Russian President’s invasion of Ukraine is already having global impacts.   While Ukrainians suffer through the very real fear and danger of missiles raining down on them, the rest of the world has also started wearing the consequences, as the sanctions…

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How the floods up north and the war in Ukraine impact us all

2 March 2022
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The floods in NSW and QLD are beyond devastating, with flood waters in some cases up to 15 metres. Unthinkable really, and our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbours in the north. However, we’re a nation that’s used to natural disasters, from floods, to storms, to bushfires. And the conversation that often arises when these…

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