Rates, insurance, super and inflation – all the buzzwords!

It's been great to be back hosting Money News on Nine radio over the past few weeks, and in particular I've enjoyed chatting to analysts and experts about their reflections on 2022 and outlook for 2023. I must admit the forecast is mixed.

Winners next year could be first home buyers as property prices soften further. Retirees who may move from shares or cash to term deposits and those looking for a new job in a tight labour market could be winners as well.

The losers are likely to be mortgage holders, particularly those who might have extended themselves a little too far during the market peak. As we all know, the RBA raised rates again yesterday, and are tipped to do so again in February, as well as potentially a couple more times next year.

Attention AMP Summit/NORTH clients. They have now done an internal rollover on your account to the cheaper MyNorth Super product. There is no change to your portfolio or your insurance. It's also not a CGT event as it was a transfer to a lower fee product, closing Summit down to MyNorth Super. If you have forgotten your user ID or password or not set up for North Online visit northonline.com.au, or you can call the North Service Centre on 1800 667 841, or email [email protected].

What caught my eye. Businesses globally are now trying to pass the cost of paying higher wages on to their customers by raising the prices of their goods and services. When prices rise, workers often demand more pay to keep up with the cost of living. And if they receive it, prices rise again to maintain corporate profits. The holy grail of economics, then, is often to keep wages up but prices low.

In other news, the deadline has been extended by a short time for the Directors of Australian entities to register for Director IDs. This requirement was introduced to ensure accountability on Directors and prevent phoenix activity. The deadline was previously 30 November for Directors of all companies, registered Australian bodies (including Family Trusts and SMSFs), registered foreign companies, or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations. Failure to register could result in civil and criminal fines. If you need a Director ID, you are late, but you can start the process here.