I Have A Business Name – But Is It Protected By A Trademark? Qantas Lift International Flights

Have we been flying at rates that are too cheap?  With oil prices and increased competition falling I thought that justified cheaper flights, well not according to Qantas who will today lift its fares on most of its international routes by up to $40 in economy class and up to $200 in business class, depending on the route.

On Friday a Qantas spokeswoman said in response to the price rise announced to travel agents. “Airfares today are incredibly good value and are below pre-GFC levels. International airfares continue to be 30 per cent cheaper than they were a decade ago,” she said.

Qantas shares on Friday jumped just 1% to $3.90

The Aussie dollar eased over the latter part of last week as the RBA welcomed early signs of a slowdown in mortgage investor lending in the country’s two biggest cities, although the bank also warned of growing risks in commercial property in handing down the quarterly review of financial stability. The local unit was just below 73 US cents having traded at 73.40 US cent at the best levels of Friday.  The RBA reiterates concerns about rising risks in the property market, as BlackRock and Macquarie Bank warns of falling prices.  However in Melbourne we still had a 74% clearance rate and for mind there is still no sign of any slowing in house prices!
When I register my business name, is it protected by a trade mark too?
In getting increasing enquiries about branding and business structures, and one question that comes up regularly is when I register a business name is t protected by a trademark too?  The answer is no!  Registering your business name doesn’t give you any exclusive trading, branding or ownership rights over that name. Only a trade mark can offer that kind of protection. If you think your business would benefit from a trade mark, head to IP Australia External link to find out more.
Even though registering your business name means it’s registered nationally, it doesn’t mean that another business can’t operate with a similar name. If you require exclusive trading or branding rights for your business name, find out more from IP Australia External link .

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