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August is the start of reporting season – what does it mean for you?

10 August 2022
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1st August each year is not only every horse’s birthday, it’s also the unofficial start of reporting season. This is when ASX-listed companies report their performance in the last financial year. Some companies give full year results, while others report on the 4th quarter of the financial year (April-June). Now, you may think this doesn’t impact you…

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The interest rate pain has only just begun

6 July 2022
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Many of us believe we’re long-term investors. When we say long-term, we’re suggesting 5+ years at least.   And I use the word believe deliberately, as for those not nearing retirement, investments in superannuation count as a long-term.   However, with daily online access to your account and regular finance updates, some investors may feel that going even a…

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