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The Credit Crunch - It Is Real!

Loan sizes are being slashed by 30 per cent, trapping many financially stressed customers including some who have been slugged with “out of cycle” interest rate rises. House hunters are also being hit by the credit crunch, with dramatic implications for property markets. The crunch stems from two big shifts in the way banks judge borrowers.

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Meeting The Treasurer

I must admit I don't agree with everything Scott Morrison says, in particular the butchering of the Superannuation Guarantee where he has reduced the amount that can be concessionally contributed to super for all working Australian's to only $25,000.  That is ridiculous reform!  However in my role at 3aw I was lucky enough to meet with him and chat to him.  And whilst I did not have long with him I did have the chance to give him an idea.

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There Is A Bear In There - And A Bull As Well!

I,  like many investors were very happy to see the back of last week.  Last weeks declines of  4.2% to the Australian share market taking the year-to-date losses to 10%.  And yes we are officially 20% from our recent highs which means we are in a bear market.  However share market declines of 20% or more come along every few years. They are totally normal events.  Bear markets are indeed the reason why the share market has done so well, over time.

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What Has Contributed To The Markets Rallying? I Have 6 Reasons!

If you’re wondering what has caused markets to turn, you need to take a look at six market factors all conveniently beginning with the letter C – China, consumer demand, commodities, currencies, central banks and company earnings.

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Are We Back To Pre GFC Levels?

With the strong growth in the US and Nasdaq share markets you would think that our market would also be hitting all time highs.

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