You’re either a disruptor, or you’re being disrupted!

Cast your mind back to 2009. Twitter was in its infancy, the iPad hadn’t been invented yet, and you could really only remember 4-5 phone numbers off the top of your head.
Fast forward just one decade, and the world has completely changed. Technological advances have disrupted every industry from food delivery to accounting, and your small business has to find a way to keep up.
Last night on Let’s Talk Business on the Macquarie Radio Network, I highlighted three careers that didn’t exist 10 years ago, that are now pivotal to your small business’ survival:
SEO Specialist – This person can be contracted by your small business to make sure that your website (you’ve got one, right?) is completely up to date with all the search engine keywords necessary to ensure you appear in Google searches when someone is looking for businesses like yours. If you don’t appear in Google searches, you’re in strife.
Cloud Architect – This person is responsible for building and maintaining all the IT infrastructure necessary to ensure your business is always up and running, and that you can do business anywhere in the world at any time. The days of physical servers and networks are well and truly gone!
Content Creator – Sadly, journalism has been one of the industries most severely hit by the tech boom over the last decade. But fortunately, this has created an entire industry around content creation that didn’t previously exist. We all know that in order to remain relevant, your small business needs an online presence, including blogs and social media, but the simple fact is you’re not equipped to create all this content, as well as keeping your business running. Stick to your knitting, engage a content creator to do it for you.
A decade ago, these jobs didn’t exist. A decade from now, other jobs that we haven’t yet dreamed of will be coming to the fore. The simple fact is that unless you’re a disruptor, you’re being disrupted, and if you fail to keep up, your business and possibly your entire industry will be consigned to the dustbin of history.
We all saw what happened to Kodak.

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