Winter Money Saving Tips

The days are getting shorter and the nights colder – winter is on its way. As the temperature drops, here are some cost-effective ways to keep you warm this winter.

Your Home

Unfortunately the cold weather doesn’t pick and choose. Whether you live in an apartment, a flat, a house or a townhouse, the cold weather will find you. Here are some simple, cost-effective ways to keep your home warm this winter.

  • Use a door snake, wind stopper or weather stripper – Place them so they cover the gap between the bottom of your front or back door and the floor. They will stop cold air flowing into your home.
  • Utilise your curtains and blinds – Keep your blinds up during the day to allow as much heat in as possible. As soon as the sun sets, close them so the heat is trapped. Consider it a solar heating exercise for your home.
  • Get your oven to help – After turning it off, leave the oven door open for a while. It may not last long, but the extra heat will make a difference.
  • Turn off the bathroom fan – As soon as you finish in the shower, turn the bathroom fan off. The extra humidity will flow through your place and make it feel warmer.
  • Winter settings on ceiling fans – If you have a ceiling fan, try running it in reverse for a while (many fans have a switch which says ‘winter’). Having it run in reverse will push warm air down to the floor.
  • Clean the air-con – If you do use an air conditioner, make sure the vents are not obstructed and the filters are clean. If there is something covering the vents, warm air will not flow through them as easily. Similarly, if your filter is dirty, warm air will get trapped in the filter instead of flowing through your home.

Your bedroom

There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night freezing cold. Here are some simple ways to keep warm until you have to get out from under the blankets.

  • Flannelette rules – Use flannelette sheets instead of cotton sheets. You’ll be surprised at how warm they are.
  • Hat head – Wear a beanie to bed so heat can’t escape your body. If a beanie gets too hot, wear a headband. Most of your body heat escapes through your head so even a headband will keep you warmer at night.
  • Use a wheat pack or a hot water bottle – A wheat pack or hot water bottle is a quick and easy way to warm up your bed. But be sure to check they aren’t too hot and don’t place them directly on bare skin.
  • Window sealing – Make sure your windows are sealed. Cold air can creep through even the smallest gaps. Most hardware stores stock cheap window sealing kits that take a matter of minutes to install.
  • Throw on a thermal blanket – If the flannelette sheets don’t keep you warm enough, adding a thermal blanket is sure to do the job.

Your body

Here are some quick and easy ways to beat the winter chills.

  • Eat soup, warm meals and drinks – It may seem obvious but warm meals and drinks will lift your body’s temperature and keep you warmer for longer.
  • Thermal clothes – If you don’t like wearing five layers of clothing, try thermal wear. Thermal clothing traps body heat and will keep you warm. They will also save you buying numerous winter jackets.
  • Keep moving – Your body temperature increases the more you exercise. If you are getting chilly at home, get up and sweep the floors or clean the bathroom. The activity will keep you warm and keep your place clean.
  • Keep your extremities warm – Most of your body heat is lost through your head, fingers and toes. Wear a beanie, socks and gloves to prevent heat escaping your body.