Will the government wind-back Job Keeper early?

Once again, the confusion around the government’s Job Keeper stimulus package is sweeping around the business community, with some reports suggesting the program will be wound back early.


That’s despite the payments having only just started filtering through to businesses that have been planning for this stimulus package to keep their employees in a job and keeping their businesses functioning.


In my opinion, I don’t think the government is going to end the program early. We’re still only at the beginning of this pandemic, and the effects on businesses are going to be felt for a number of months to come, so this stimulus will be vital.


While more businesses will start to re-open their doors or add more services as restrictions are eased, it won’t be like flicking a switch and everything goes back to normal.


The government has said they will be reviewing the Job Keeper program in June, but I believe it will run its course through to September, when businesses will still be recovering and rebuilding. Stopping it early would be a disgrace.

Moving forwards, every small business should be making sure they are well prepared for what business post-Covid will look like.


If you’re looking to start a new business now, consider starting a cleaning business, because every business is going to need one going forward!

If your business doesn’t have a cleaner, get one now, and make sure you tell your clients about it so they have the comfort and confidence to come visit you.


What I would say to every small business out there is to act like every space of your workplace is like your kitchen and needs to be kept sparkling clean.


Make sure everyone in the workplace is neat and tidy, and most importantly that things like door handles, handrails and communal spaces are consistently wiped down with disinfectant. That’s another cost that needs to be factored into an environment where revenues are down.


But that is my big tip: make sure that cleanliness is the new norm as we start to open up the doors of our businesses once more, and let’s make sure there’s no further outbreaks of the virus as business resumes.