We are just as surprised as you!

We are just as surprised as you!

Last week we were drafting franking credit emails, looking at alternative options for retirees, and contemplating negative gearing changes.

Now all of that is in the bin – for the moment.

The next issue for the Coalition is that given that they went into the election with a very modest set of policies, how they will govern from here? What are their big ideas for Australia? What kind of government will this be?

The Coalition should not allow this unexpected triumph to be an excuse for complacency on their policy platform, or how they conduct debate within their parties.

The Coalition’s surprise election win has given local stocks a healthy shot in the arm, sending the Australian share market surging to a fresh 11-year high on Monday.

Bill Shorten and his proposed changes to negative gearing, capital gains tax and franking credits had been perceived by the market as detrimental.

The challenge will now be for Scott Morrison to get his tax agenda through the parliament and flowing on to Australians, like he promised.

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