Uber In Washington – The Facts Make Sense

  1. Since Donald Trump got into office the Dow Jones has risen more than 25%, equating to more than US 6 trillion in value and he has then passed the most significant tax reform in more than 30 years.  Our new nickname for him – he is the Uber In The Whitehouse. His whole purpose is to displace, disintermediate and remove the traditional center of power.  We think he is doing it well and regardless of what you think of his personality he is attempting to shrink Washington.  Arrogance. Chaos. Childish pique. Gauche verbal blunders. Deceptions. Unacceptable behavior toward women. A bunker paranoia at the top, with staffers below scheming to undercut one another..  Even though one embodies the tech economy and the other is celebrating coal mining and curtailing globalization, Travis Kalanick and Donald Trump displayed similar traits as they rose to power, ignoring boundaries and smashing institutional structures.  The 40-year-old ride-sharing king and the 71-year-old Twitter president luxuriated in their mostly white, male cocoons and always seemed to have a spoken or unspoken “or else” tagged onto their requests.