Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Accountant


Well I know its not tax time, but its getting close so now is a time that many people shop around accountants and we are more than happy to help you find the right one, so here are some quick questions for you to ask him or her!

How Long Have You Been In Practice and Are You A CPA?  Why/Why Not?

Will you or someone else in your firm be working on my situation?

Do you have a area of expertise?

Are you licensed to offer any financial products?


Do you have any formal or informal relationships with other professionals or institutions that I should be aware of?


Do you offer advice on tax strategy?


How many of your clients have been audited by the ATO? Results?


How many clients do you serve? Your firm?


Do you work with any small business owners?


Can you provide me some referrals of satisfied clients?

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