Thought of the week

The focus in Europe is still on Ireland and the future of the euro zone. Indeed the call is already up for Portugal to request a bailout, in order to protect the said zone, not that they kind of need one, but I like the logic. In fact everyone should just request a bailout. It would certainly pull the rug out from an increasingly irrational, crisis (and liquidity) addicted market.

Some positive news on the housing affordability front – but it’s not cause for celebration just yet according to the Housing Industry Association of Australia. Plus, new data indicates Aussies are holding onto property for longer – find out why.

Also, the RBA has today released Governor Glenn Stevens’ Opening Statement to the House of Representatives – discover the policy reasons behind the recent rate hike.

The MTR Weekend simulation game, Glenn Ridge is flying in front and The Mug has put the balance of his cash in the bank and is at least earning CMT interest in the event his punts don’t deliver.

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Thought of the week:

The latest National Broadband Network documentation reads more like a fairytale. Source: Herald Sun

IT might have been one small step for independent senator Nick Xenophon.  It proved to be one gigantic leap – backwards – for the rest of us.