The silver lining to this corona crisis

Every cloud has a silver lining. And without diminishing the hardship that a lot of small business operators (and others) are facing at the moment, there is at least one positive that can come from this coronavirus downturn.


Small business operators often find they spend a lot of time working in their business, performing day to day tasks, managing staff and clients, actually doing the work. However, they often lack the time and resources to work on their business.


This downturn we’re currently experiencing is a perfect opportunity to step back, take stock, examine the weak spots in your business and get to work on fixing them for when things do return to normal in a few months’ time.


And here’s something to think about: if your business qualifies for the government’s Jobkeeper payments, you will find yourself in the unlikely scenario that once that payment kicks in, the government will be paying your employees to sit at home and work on your business. This is a prime opportunity to re-deploy some or all of your resources to prepare for when things return to normal and ensure that your business comes back better and stronger than before.


Of course, not everyone finds themselves with a positive to take from this situation, so if you have any concerns or just want to chat about your own situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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