Stockmarket Wins Around The Election Result

Thanks to RBS Morgan they have put together a special bulletin highlighting the rebound in business and consumer confidence that has historically occurred post a Federal Election, which flows through to the Australian stockmarket. Michael Knox has quantified this effect as adding almost 4% to the Aussie market in the quarter immediately after the election and with a tail effect up to 5 quarters later on GDP.

To give the bulletin an action outcome we have picked 10 stocks that should benefit from a confidence rebound: WES, JBH, NAB, WBC, SUN, RHC, TLS, AZJ, BHP and OSH. No rocket-science involved in these selections and you can discuss your own preferences with clients.

We think this is a great opportunity for clients who may still be sitting on the side-line (and there’s plenty of you) so perhaps it is time to review your portfolios or look to open positions and start a portfolio in the weeks to come to take advantage of a positive election result.  Please click here for the full attachment SB_130822_Stockmarket wins the Election.pdf