Spend or save? What does your summer look like?

There are some things we can control, and some things we can’t.


Last week’s article on the seemingly constant increases in insurance premiums, is an example of something we can’t control. Costs like this are very frustrating when trying to budget and plan.


But one thing we can control, is our discretionary spending.


Coming out of lockdown and into summer, retailers, restaurants, and other consumer-based businesses are banking on us opening our wallets and splashing our cash.

And if the US example is anything to go by, it’s looking good for those businesses. Retail sales in the US in October were up 1.7%, with Walmart and Home Depot both reporting massive gains.


From a wider perspective, these strong retail numbers are also a strong indicator that the public is confident to spend money, and that the global economy is recovering from the pandemic.

So what about you? Do you think you will spend more this Christmas than previous years?