Should we expect a “Santa Rally” this year?

As we come to the end of the year, we will all reflect on a number of things we have experienced in 2021, and plan for 2022. 


But when you reflect on your investments, particularly your superannuation, pension account, or personal investments in shares, I predict you will be more than satisfied.

We have been lucky that our client base has regularly checked in with us regarding their attitude to risk. The attitude in the majority of cases has been long-term, meaning our clients haven’t panicked when markets have dropped – in fact some have seen it as an opportunity to buy.

So where to from here?


Traditionally in December we see what’s called the “Santa Rally”, so unless another COVID variant pops up in the next couple of weeks, history tells us markets should rally coming into the new year.


Over the longer term, the key measure to watch in 2022 will be inflation. Increasing inflation will result in Federal Reserve Banks across the world starting to push interest rates upwards. Some economists are expecting 3 interest rate lifts in the US in 2022.


I do not expect any rates increases here next year, but for those who are watching the Australian dollar that could be a sign of vulnerability against global currencies.