Shares That Offer Discounts To Stuff!

Well it is Christmas, so lets talk about what stock give us and the good news is that there are rewards for being a shareholder that have little in common with the company’s share price, such as shareholder perks and discounts. Unlike share prices, shareholder discount schemes do not crumble in bearish sharemarkets and that’s why some investors are so keen on them.

In the old days, Coles Myer was the stock we all bought as 500 shares entitled you to the Coles Myer Discount card.  It was launched in 1993 and it was so popular that by 2001 the shareholders had grown from 68,000 to 580,000.  In 2005 the card was cancelled due to administration costs making the card unprofitable,  but for Christmas we have included what is left!

Here is a list of some shareholder discounts:


Company ASX Code Min. shareholding Discount
National Australia Bank NAB 500 shares No annual fee on some credit cards, bonus 0.25% on term deposits
Bendigo & Adelaide Bank BEN 500 shares Application fees waived up to $1,000, bonus 0.25% on term deposits, 5-20% off insurance, $1,000 discount on financial planning
Suncorp SUN 500 shares Up to 0.90% discount on home loan rates
AMP Limited AMP 500 shares 0.75% off variable rate loans, up to 10% off home & contents insurance
Noni B NBL 2,000 shares 10% off purchases
Amalgamated Holdings AHD 500 shares 10% off accommodation, 25% off dining, discounted cinema passes
Tabcorp TAH 1 share Discounted accommodation, dining, parking
Mirvac MGR 500 shares Discounts on hotel bookings, real estate developments
Cedar Woods CWP 5,000 shares, held for 12 months 5% off the listed sale price of any residential lot within one of their projects
Blackmores BKL 1 share 30% off recommended retail price
Ocean Capital OCE 1 share Discounts on hotel bookings