Preparing for the new normal, and the grant opportunities you might have missed

Every week we’re getting closer and closer to some sort of normality resuming for businesses, and there are rumblings that some of the restrictions could be eased in the coming weeks to allow this.


What is important for businesses across the country now is to be as prepared as you can be, and one thing that a lot of people may have overlooked are the additional supports available at a state level.


With The federal government Job Keeper payments starting to flow in, it would be wise to check out some of the state grants that are also available, particularly for businesses in Victoria and New South Wales.


These were announced by those two state governments back in March, but were quickly followed by the Job Keeper announcement at a federal level, so many businesses may not be aware of them.


In essence it allows for an additional $10,000 one-off cash flow boost if you qualify by having an ABN for the past 12-months, turnover of less than $50 million, and a drop in earnings of at least 25 per cent.


That payment can then be used for salaries, rent, director fees, or whatever it is that your business needs to function properly through this time.


For Victorian and New South Wales businesses, you now only have about 25 days left to apply for these payments, so it’s important you go to the respective state websites and make sure you don’t miss out.


There is also some state assistance available in Queensland and other states, so be sure to visit your own state’s website to ensure you are getting every bit of assistance you can for your business.


When business does resume, it is also crucial to ensure you allow some time for proper training of your staff around the new protocols of cleanliness and distancing that will still have to be adhered to.


Things like handshakes, small room meetings, and hot desks will all have to be adjusted, and putting the proper time into getting your staff up to speed on their responsibilities within the workplace and with your customers will be vital.


Take the time to talk to your staff about this before you open your doors to ensure a smooth transition.