My Experience With The Travel Card

I spoke on MYMP 1377 on Tuesday August 13th about my success I had travelling overseas with my OZForex Travel Card and I can honestly say it was sensational.  As we all know we are living in a cashless society and almost to a level where cash doesn’t exist.  And travelling through the US and Canada I found this card terrific.  

So how did I use it and how does it work?

You simply apply for the card which you can do through clicking the above card and it costs $15 to set up which is taken from your first Bpay into the card.  The money then goes into the Australian wallet.  You can then make new currency wallets and get quotes on converting your money to US, HKD, CAN or whatever you like.  Then when your money is converted you can go and use the card and have no bank or conversion fees like you do with other credit cards.  From my point of view this was sensational, I was not worried about the exchange rate I was not worried about what fees the bank would charge, and also I was not worried about credit card fraud.

I have been a victim of credit card fraud before and whilst the bank later rebated the amount that was taken, this card is prepaid so you can Bpay what you are going to spend on the card and transfer into the currency of choice accordingly.  

There are numerous benefits to be had from buying a travel credit card. If you lose your wallet, you can simply phone up and cancel the card, whereas cash is obviously lost forever.

You can also protect yourself against sudden currency fluctuations, as most providers will lock in the rate of exchange at the time of purchase, so if the value of your money does fall before you head aborad, it won’t affect you.

I am more than happy to discuss the pre-paid card in more detail and highly recommend it if you are travelling.