My Advice For Malcolm – What He Should Do Now, NZ PM John Key’s Classic One Liner, Our AUD Up With No US Rate Rise

I was taught at university in the early 90s that the only constant in the world is change. And last Monday the change of Prime Minister was swift and in my opinion the right thing to do for the good of the nation. However the two questions we now have are:
1) Is Turnbull looking for a shot in the arm type popularity and over the next 12-14 months so he is re elected?
2) Or is Turnbull going to have a long term approach and have Australia’s economic prosperity as his priority?

Of course less than a week in the job we have no idea -however apart from the opinion polls every Australian was thinking that Tony Abbott was becoming out of touch with the average Australian so we can all assume this change is a positive.

Last Thursday on 3AW TomElliott asked me a very simple question. What should Malcolm Turnbull do right now?

So my advice to him. Do not alter past promises, for example the GST was the only untouchable promise at last years election. It was the party notTony Abbott that made that promise in my opinion so leave that alone this term.

1) Fix the NBN – Australians are frustrated, we don’t understand it and if the government can reduce debt by selling it – then sell it.
2) Make housing affordable – It was a frustration of mine that Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey always said a growth in housing prices is positive. It needs reform and it needs to be affordable for younger generations.
3) Bring in an environment levy or tax -Turnbull has always been an environment friendly politician. I am not saying it will be a carbon tax but watch this space.
4) Come up with a long termspending model for theStates on hospitals, schools, trains and roads.

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