Jobkeeper 1.0 Comes To An End – Time For Phase 2

With the first iteration of JobKeeper ending this Friday, it’s time for business owners and managers to have open and honest conversations with their teams. We have never faced so much economic uncertainty, so the open conversations need to start now, as government support changes.

One of those changes includes another round of Victorian state government grant funding. Applications are open for sole traders and small businesses to apply, with $3000 available for sole traders and a minimum of $10,000 for small businesses. The application process takes about 40 minutes and you may need your accountant’s help with some of the financial questions.

These grants are available only to employing businesses in the eligible sectors listed on the website (it includes most businesses), in recognition that these industries are the most affected by coronavirus restrictions.

If your business is not in one of the listed sectors, you may be able to access other support programs from the Victorian Government’s Business Resilience Package. Information about other support for businesses is also available on the Business Victoria coronavirus business information page.

To apply for a grant, you’ll need to submit an online application.


On another note, the first fortnight of JobKeeper 2.0 will start on 28 September and run til 11 October, meaning employers will need to satisfy the wage condition for these workers (i.e. pay them) on or before 11 October.

JobKeeper 2.0 is $1200 per fortnight for employees who work 80+ hours per month, or $750 per fortnight for employees who work fewer hours. Employees had to be on the books before March and still be employed and paid in order to qualify.