In the Nexus of Politics, Economics and Financial Markets With BlackRock

In the Nexus of Politics, Economics and Financial Markets 

A pivotal second Greek election and a European summit on growth next month could determine the future of the eurozone and the trajectory of global financial markets as the European debt crisis once again is dominating investor sentiment.

At the same time, a much-discussed “fiscal cliff” of deficit reduction and ending tax benefits is looming for the United States in an uncertain presidential election year. And China’s growth is slowing amid its own upcoming leadership change, with ramifications for the global economy.

As a result, investors of all types are nervous and uncertain where to turn. A panel of BlackRock investment experts are ready to discuss these issues and offer ideas for investment opportunities in the current environment.

We invite you to join us for a call dedicated to these market-moving topics, in which we will provide some key insights as to where we think the global economy and markets may be headed next.


Please email us at [email protected] for more details and your invite.


Ewen Cameron Watt
Chief Investment Strategist, BlackRock Investment Institute

Scott Thiel
Head of European and Global Bonds

Nigel Bolton
Head of European Equity Team