Fears Of The Chinese Slowdown Send Global Markets South

Market volatility has been at near record levels in recent months as investors respond to the uncertainty of the Chinese economy.On top of that the global economy is waiting for the potential rate rise in the US and the Chinese Government intervention in their share market and it is nice that Greece and Europe is not in the news for now.All of these issues are macro economic issues and are not necessarily reflective of issues facing us however markets always react to uncertainty in news.

From a financial advice point of view, nothing changes investors should stay focused on their own strategies rather than fixate on the movements of the market. Lets look at some numbers around our marker in 2011 the ASX 200 traded as low as 4008In February this year it hit 5929. So a peak to trough fall to the 2011 lows would mean a 32% market decline.At the time of writing today the ASX 200 is still above 5000 so we are somewhere in the middle.

On a different note last week we were asked what is a comfortable retirement and how much do you need?The Current Affair Interview aired last Monday and can be viewed here..

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