Compassionate Employers Recognised

The Compassionate Friends Victoria Inc announce the 2012 Compassionate Employer Recognition Program is set to close to nominations in a few weeks.

TCF believes that employers who have shown extra care and compassion to employees – going above and beyond the normal policies of most companies in helping employees who have suffered the death of a loved one, deserve to be recognised. 

Nominations are now open for the 2012 Compassionate Employer Recognition awards.

Some Examples of Employer Supportive Practices include;

  • Arranging slow return to normal duties
  • 5 weeks full paid bereavement leave
  • Paying for me to attend a weekly two hour x10 week session called “Support After Suicide”
  • Arranging counselling for my other son
  • Postponing my appraisal and understanding in my performance
  • My employer said “he understood that it would take time for me to work at my previous pace


“We hope more employers are recognised for being aware of their employees special needs, compassion in the workplace and this will become standard practice,”  Dr. Rhonda Galbally, AO Patron of TCF.

 “The Compassionate Frien

 Nominations for the 2012 Awards are now open.  To nominate an employer please visit our website download the nomination form.ds invites bereaved individuals to nominate their employer for the Compassionate Employer Award.

 Or for more information please contact Jenny Galati 9888 4034 or

[email protected]

Nominations must be received by close of business on Friday 2 December 2012.

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