China Is Not Going Broke! It Is Slowing Down 9 Years Without A Rate Rise

The world is worried about China, but not for the right reasons. Global financial markets were roiled after the world’s second largest economy is not growing at the rate it would like to.The reality is that China is unlikely to witness those astronomical growth rates, at least for some time. We may never see them again as we need to accept that the global economy is slowing down!

From a share market point of view and it was another week of high volatility where sentiment swung from being ultra bearish to widespread bargain hunting, given heightened uncertainty about emerging markets’ growth and US monetary policy.

But in all honesty these two factors remain unresolved, very much in play and potentially interrelated as the FOMC (The Federal Open Market Committee – the equivalent of our Reserve Bank)meets in two weeks time. Nevertheless, markets for equities and commodities continued their recent recovery but gains in all, other than oil, were lower than recent peaks. There was considerable amounts of data out on Friday night especially in the US, but it provided no definitive message for the FOMC meeting other than things are going okay and the FOMC’s Vice Chair stated in an interview that he was unsure about voting for a rate hike in September, which added to the market uncertainty.

On a different notea couple of weeks ago we were asked what is a comfortable retirement and how much do you need?The Current Affair Interview aired last Monday weekend can be viewed here..

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