Bums On Seats Charity Bike Ride – We Need Your Support

On this week’s show we have Mike Ellett, The Bums on Seats Skipper to discuss round the bay in a day and the charity they are raising money for. The logo is linked below to the charity website so please take a look and make a donation.

From children to great-grandparents the stories of our friends and family being affected by cancer were more common than not, so we decided it was our time to make an effort. So a good mate of mine has created the Bums On Seats Bike Ride.

Bums on Seats Bike Ride is an anti-cancer fundraising campaign developed to support Chris O’Brien’s Lifehouse at RPA initiative. Our goal is very straight forward, raise $20000 to pay for the purchase of 4 Chemotherapy treatment chairs at the new state of the art cancer research and care facility, Lifehouse at RPA due to open in 2013. Please click on the below image for more information.

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