Back On The Airwaves

Well some good news, I am back on the airwaves next week on 3MP or MY MP 1377.  Ill be on Tuesday’s and Friday’s from 10.30am talking all things finance effective Tuesday the 4th of September, so feel free to tune in or alternatively I will have the podcast on this site a few days later.  In addition to that one of the issues with MTR was its poor frequency especially around the city, and below in a media release from ACMA.

Press Release From ACMA media release 20/2012

4 April 2012

Improved reception of the commercial radio service 3MP in northern and western Melbourne

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has decided to increase the maximum transmitting power of Melbourne commercial radio broadcasting service 3MP–from 1225 volts to 2140 volts (equivalent to 5 kilowatts to 8.2 kilowatts)–and change the direction of its radiation pattern. This will allow expanded coverage of northern and western Melbourne.

3MP has been previously known by the on-air identities, 3MTR and MTR1377.

This follows public consultation on the proposal, released in November 2011, to vary the Licence Area Plan – Melbourne Radio – June 2000 (the Melbourne LAP).