A Private Testimonial From A Client – The Reason We Do Our Job!

This is why we are financial advisers……………

Heading into any important life milestones, such as buying a house or having a baby, can be an exciting but also nervous time. Throughout those stages and others, we have enjoyed the piece of mind that has come with acting on the sound strategic financial advice from HFM.  

Any anxiety around those milestones however pales into insignificance when facing the unexpected trauma attached to a family member diagnosed with cancer, or another life threatening illness that arrives without warning.

Heeding the advice of HFM around trauma insurance was a crucial move that offered solace and support financially during a time of great uncertainty.

The HFM & Finance Guru team handled our claim efficiently, allowing us to focus on the many and varied medical appointments, all the while knowing that our current and future financial position was being looked after. We couldn’t recommend trauma cover highly enough – such trauma simply doesn’t just happen ‘to other people’ – it can very easily happen to you for no rhyme or reason.