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The Credit Crunch - It Is Real!

Loan sizes are being slashed by 30 per cent, trapping many financially stressed customers including some who have been slugged with “out of cycle” interest rate rises. House hunters are also being hit by the credit crunch, with dramatic implications for property markets. The crunch stems from two big shifts in the way banks judge borrowers.

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Our Debt Situation and How It Affects You!

Mortgage debt is by far the largest component of debt in Australia today – government debt, which is the focus of political debate, is trivial by comparison. A quick caveat though – finance sector debt may be larger again than mortgage debt, if a claim sourced from Morgan Stanley, which shows Australia’s aggregate private debt ratio as almost equal to that in the US, is accurate.

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Who's Done What? Nov 3 2011

From some recent feedback we are going to include each week this section called "who's done what", this will include some company announcements that we find of interest. This week:

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